Gig Preview – Yr Ods, Colorama + Platypus Live in Berlin

In anticipation of the Yr Ods show I’m promoting in Berlin on Tuesday 16th September – here’s a short preview of the evening…


It was an honour to be asked to help organise a couple a shows for Yr Ods, one of my favourite bands from Wales.  I was put in touch with the band through a friend in Cardiff who had heard that the group were keen to make their first foray into Europe.  I was pleased to be able to offer them both a show in Leipzig and a show at Marie Antoinette, a cosy music venue overlooking the River Spree in the former Soviet sector of central Berlin.  In a real turn up for the books, Yr Ods’ friend (and fellow countryman) Colorama (real name: Carwyn Ellis) and Berlin-based Platypus have offered to provide support on the evening and all of a sudden, we have a night of music on our hands.  If this turns out to be the start of a long and storied career as a promoter, then it’s a pretty damn lucky start.


Yr Ods

How do you prepare yourself for this concert?  What’s there to know?  Well, you should know that Yr Ods are a synth-pop-rock band that have been a popular staple of the Welsh music scene for a good number of years now.  Originally from various parts of North Wales, the band currently reside in the hauptstadt of Cardiff and have recently released their 2nd album Llithro.  Yr Ods have always struck me as being incredibly good songwriters and judging by their recent shows they’re as raw and rockin’ as they’ve ever been.  I’ll take a risk and use some fancy words now – Yr Ods’ take on the timeless sound of the Welsh landscape is both vivid and strikingly contemporary.  There’s some fancy language for you.  Check out the video for the lead single off Llithro, ‘Pob un Gair yn Bôs‘ here:

If you hadn’t noticed already, Yr Ods sing in Welsh.  If you’re worried about not understanding the lyrics, don’t.  Music is the universal language of mankind that transcends cultural boundaries (or something like that), so you should at least be able feel the message behind the music.  I have it on good authority from my dad, who is the only Welsh speaker in my family, that the lyrics are good too.  He’s also pronounced Yr Ods singer Gruff Lynch to be ‘really cool’ – if that’s not enough to convince you to attend the concert, I’m not sure what will.


Carwyn Ellis of Colorama. Photo via Folk Radio

Carwyn Ellis, who is providing support for Yr Ods, has been performing under the name Colorama with a variety of musicians since 2008.  Colorama can legitimately claim to be ‘big in Japan‘, having released several of their records on Japanese labels – awesome!  Their most recent album ‘Temari‘ came out in June 2014 – you can listen via Itunes and the various streaming applications out there – it’s excellent.  Here’s ‘Yoshida‘ from the album:

Platypus are a relatively new band who played a show with my band Battlements in April of this year.  They’ve undergone several name changes in recent months and whilst I’ll admit that their current name suits them best, occasionally I mourn their decision to drop the name Cat Baguette.  At least someone else is able to use this name now – any takers?  Drummer Max describes the band’s music as ‘psychedelic-stoner-blues-grunge‘. Their online ‘presence’ is pretty limited at this stage – you’ll have to wait and see what you’ll get!

After Yr Ods play in Berlin, they’ll head to Poznan in Poland for a show on Thursday 18th and then return to Germany to perform in Leipzig on the Saturday 20th September.  More detail below.  It feels pretty good to be involved in this and I can assure you these shows will excellent.  See you soon!

Yr Ods European Tour 2014 (click the links for more information):

Tuesday 16th September – Marie Antoinette, Berlin.  8pm.  With support from Colorama + Platypus

Thursday 18th September – Troche Kultury, Poznan.  8pm.  With support from Colorama

Saturday 20th September – T2 , Leipzig.  8pm.  With support from Colorama. (please get in touch for more details on the venue here, or via Facebook)

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