Young Aviators are garage punks from Glasgow


I’ve been rocking out to The Young Aviators‘ 2013 debut album ‘Self Help’ for a few weeks now.  The band are made up of three dudes from Northern Ireland who have settled upon Glasgow as the city suitable to hone their talents.  After hearing the piano based ‘Deathrays and Disneyland‘, a song I was drawn to by name alone, I rather neglected checkin’ them out further for fearing of coming up against a wall of slow, quiet ditties.  How wrong I was.  This band rock and ‘Self Help‘ is an album packed with excellent punky guitar tunes.


Photo via Soundscapemagazine.

The recording is excellent – dirty, raw and full of energy.  This is an excellent example of what a guitar trio should aspire to on their first album.  There’s enough cool ideas to keep the new listener alert (We’ve Got Names For Folks Like You), hints of maturity (Deathrays and Disneyland) and a great single to get the album going (Forward Thinking).  The songs are raw gems that sound like they’ve been hammered together in the practice room.

I like the structure of the album too – it’s nicely wrapped together between the songs  ‘Sunrise…‘ and ‘Sunset on the Motorway‘ and features a little ‘Deathrays…’ outtake moment halfway through.  It’s things like this that make debut albums like this work.

Here’s the single ‘Forward Thinking‘:


Deathrays and Disneyland‘ is great too:


The album can be heard here.  What comes next will be interesting – I look forward to the next release.

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