The Pixies are releasing new music and it sounds great

I’ve been boycotting The Pixies for a number of years now.  I got fed up of seeing them on festival lineups year after year and I strongly think that if you’re going to do a band reunion you should plan to fuck off pretty sharpish if you’ve no intention of being a real band again.  I saw Frank Black and Co play an unimpressive set nearly 10 years ago at Reading Festival 2004 and as the years went by without much of a hint of new music I became more and more against the idea of the band.

But of course, it’s The Pixies, so when they finally got round to making new music sans Kim Deal I was always prepared to give them at least a chance.  They have approached releasing the fruits of their recording session in God’s Own Country (Wales) in a less than conventional manner, opting to release a series of 3 EPs at random points throughout late 2013 and 2014 (plus a single in the form of the pummeling weird-rock ‘Bagboy‘).

Anyway, the excellent EP1 was released in September 2013 containing what is now one of my favourite Pixies songs ‘Indie Cindy‘.  Now follows EP2 in January 2014.  It’s also pretty good.  ‘Blue Eye Hexe’ kicks things off and as my friend put it sounds like ‘an 80s hair-metal song‘ – it isn’t bad though.  Dreamy ‘Magdalena’ follows and the EP’s best song ‘Greens And Blues‘ comes next.  Stylistically The Pixies are all over the place on both of these EPs.  They can’t make out who the hell they are or what they want to be and drift between almost-lazy American radio music, typical Pixies quirk-rock and bizarre about-turns such as ‘Blue Eyed Hexe’.  The EP finishes with ‘Snakes‘ – again, it’s quite a good song but where it fits in The Pixies oeuvre is anyone’s guess.  I look forward to EP3

On a side note: not many people know this but The Pixies drafted in Simon ‘Ding’ Archer, former bass player and producer of The Fall, to fill the shoes of Kim Deal when she dramatically quit the band during the recording session in Wales.  Now THAT is cool.

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