The Icarus Line are the best rock band you’re likely to hear this year

slave vows

The Icarus Line are one of my all time favourite bands.  I’ve loved this band ever since Kerrang! magazine turned me onto their album Penance Soiree way back in 2003.  That’s ELEVEN YEARS of digging the hell out of these dudes.  Kerrang! used to be very well written back then (I’m not just looking at this through black-tinted glasses) and the magazine played a very important part exposing a rich seam of rock ‘n roll to my house in deepest, darkest South Wales.  I still love some of the albums I discovered at this time – The Mars Volta’s Deloused In The Comatorium, The Bronx’s first album ‘The Bronx’, Million Dead’s A Song To Ruin and the aforementioned Penance Soiree.  There ain’t no doubt about it – I will die loving these albums.

Whilst all the guys and (one) gal involved in making these brilliant albums are still hangin’ on in the music biz, the The Icarus Line are the only band still making truly life affirming music.  (No disrespect to The Bronx’s Mariachi El Bronx project or Julia from Million Dead’s 2013 contribution to music – the rocking How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident by future of the left.)


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2013’s Slave Vows , the Los Angeles band’s fifth studio album, is a banger.  The album received a lot of good press and I cannot conjure up the writing skillz to match some of the colourful words written in praise of this album.  Look it up for yourself please.  All I will say is this – with regard to composition there is no finer band out there currently playing guitars.  What do I mean by that?  That they write rock songs the way they should be written.  It’s far-out.  It’s unpredictable.  It looks firmly toward the future.  Rad stuff.  Check out a track from the album below to (hopefully) see what I mean.

I was very lucky to catch the TL on the Berlin stop of their 2013 European tour, 10 years since I last saw them at Reading Festival.  Slave Vows was written and recorded live in the studio so seeing it performed was a treat.  I met the dudes after too – cool.  It turns out there’s a South Wales connection with the band!  Enjoy the tune!

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