Marteria – My favourite German rapper


Since living in Berlin, I’ve discovered some excellent new bands and musicians.  One such dude is Marteria, a rapper and electronic artist hailing from sunny Rostock on the Baltic Sea.

31 year old Marteria has had a pretty colourful life so far – he played youth football for FC Hansa Rostock before moving to New York after being discovered by a model scout.  After a few years of modelling, Marteria headed back to Germany to attend drama school in Berlin.  Following his move to Berlin he pursued a rap career seriously and released his first album ‘Base Ventura‘ in 2007.

Marteria’s music in really cool and his albums ‘Zum Glück in die Zukunft’ (good luck in the future) (2010)and the imaginatively titled ‘Zum Glück in die Zukunft 2‘ (2014) are packed with great toons.  Marteria sings about all the cool rap subjects – girls, boozing, life in Berlin and his life story.  The music is really refreshing – punchy and inventive.  To me, his music is Berlin through and through.  Here´s a selection of my favourite Marteria tracks:



Marteria raps uses a computer game metaphor to talk about growing up Rostock and generally being successful in life.  There’s a cool lyric ‘Aufgewachsen in der DDR /Reiß die Mauer ein mit meinem Transformer’ (grew up in the DDR, tear the Wall down with my Transformer).  The beat is REALLY cool.  

Kreuzberg am Meer

[vimeo 48741151 w=500 h=375]

In which Marteria imagines the laidback Berlin district of Kreuzberg as a seaside destination.  There’s a cool lyric about plucking a kebab from a tree (flück mir’n Döner vom Baum) and there’s a message to those losers who feel the need to work – move to Moabit (a quiet district of Berlin) (Musst du wirklich arbeiten, dann zieh nach Moabit).  Great tune.

Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf)


This song features one of the funniest chorus’ ever –

Alle haben ‘nen Job – ich hab’ Langeweile! Keiner hat mehr Bock auf Kiffen, Saufen, Feiern
So ist das hier im Block, Tag ein Tag aus
Halt mir zwei Finger an den Kopf und mach:
Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Everyone’s got a job, I’m bored, no one’s in the mood for smokin’ js, boozing and partying,
This is what it’s like in the block day in day out,
So I put 2 fingers to my head and BANG BANG BANG BANG

Rad stuff.  It was a big hit in Deutschland in December 2013.  My friend called it a ‘Hartz IV lied’ (dole song).

Marteria Girl


Classic word play here.  Marteria is the man!

Enjoy the tunes.  Germany’s full of excellent music so I’ll post so more in the future!

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