Teleman Hit The Summery Sweet Spot

Teleman-BreakfastFor those still mourning the loss of Welsh pop greats Race Horses and craving an indie-pop album for the summer of 2014, I give you ‘Breakfast‘, the debut album by Teleman.  Pursuing more of keyboard based sound to that of their previous band Pete and the Pirates, it’s immediately apparent that the new direction has proved fruitful for London-based Teleman.  The quality of songwriting on display makes this album undeniably worthy of your attention and the bouncy rhythms and colourful synthesizers are sure to strike a chord (excuse the pun) on these long summery days.


Photo via Slatethedisco

Whilst there is a reverent nod to music from the eighties throughout ‘Breakfast’ the album, renowned producer Bernard Butler‘s crisp production on ‘Breakfast’ ensure the songs remain in the here and now.  Compared to the dated production that tainted plenty of albums from the 1980s that the band often reference, ‘Breakfast’ sounds fresh and contemporary.  The record’s main strength are the excellent melodies that shine out of each of the 10 tracks (the ideal length of a debut album) on ‘Breakfast’.  Highlights include ‘Mainline‘ and opener ‘Cristina‘, which you can hear below:

[vimeo 58356526 w=560 h=300]

There’s some nice footage of the band performing live on youtube, here’s ‘Redhead Saturday‘:


The album in full can be heard here (apologies if you don’t use Spotify):

[spotify id=”spotify:album:0OaVZJwUqAyLlniMCB5O6K” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

 ‘Breakfast‘ was released last week on June 2nd.  Enjoyed the music?  Then check out Race Horses here.

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