Girl Band – New Noise from Dublin

It’s interesting to see the PR machine roll into action, one week the internet had never heard of Girl Band and now thanks to the work of Prescription Pr, we’re all the more wiser.  I came across this band after Pitchfork featured their new track ‘Lawman‘ and a brief look around the internet this week reveals that other websites have got on board with these noisy lads from Dublin, Ireland.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s no bad thing that they’ve enlisted some help in getting their music out there, it’s just interesting that they’ve chosen this point in their career to step things up.

Lawman‘ is a promising introduction to Girl Band.  They clearly have a very bad attitude to sound and I like this a lot.  The production is interesting – the vocals sounds like they were recorded in a bathroom and the singer reminds me of Hawksley Workman – something he probably doesn’t want to hear.  I’m going to see a Girl Band show next month in Dublin – it’ll be interesting to see what they’re like live. Have a listen to ‘Lawman‘ above.

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