Gemma Ray – Noir Pop from Berlin

One of the best things about life is that there’s always another amazing band or singer out there that you haven’t discovered yet. Last year I discovered the music of Gemma Ray and I’ve been listening to her almost every day since.  Gemma’s dark, film-noir vision of pop is compelling and her songwriting is compelling and engaging.  Her songs are high on drama, dynamics and are always underpinned by her signature reverb-heavy guitar style.  She’s released 5 very diverse albums since 2008 including a soundtrack and collection of covers.


I was lucky to see Ray, who currently resides in Berlin but grew up in Essex, in concert in December 2013 at a special show where she performed her soundtrack album ‘Down Baby Down‘ in full.  A picture of her guitar on the evening is above.  I’ve been listening to a song of hers called ‘Fist Of a Flower‘ many times over the last few days.  It’s from her 2010 album ‘Lights Out Zoltar!‘  I love the arrangement and chorus.  Have a listen here:

Enjoy the song and be sure to check out her albums!  I’m going to a special concert on 25th January in Potsdam on the outskirts of Berlin where Gemma will perform with the Babelsburg Orchestra – it should be rad.  A review of the evening can be found here.

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