Fat White Family – How to market your band in 2014

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Currently enjoying flavour of the month status in the world of indie music, Fat White Family are a London-based punk-indie band.  They apparently live a kind of Black Flag-esque hand-to-mouth existence in a squat south of the city.  Whilst myth-enhancing acts of rock ‘n’ roll squalor are generally to be encouraged (our civilian lives undoubtedly need this kind of vicarious escapism), I ain’t buying what these lads are pushing.  Their ‘we’re communists’ schtick, along with all their other ‘controversial’ traits serve only one real purpose – to make them stand out from everyone else.  All of this wrapped up together is what is known as a ‘USP‘ and helps fill the empty space between the top and bottom of an article on music.  Writing about rock music can get dull, so I guess these guys are something of a godsend to music journalists.

Fat White Family’s story doesn’t hold up –  London doesn’t allow for their lifestyle and if these fellas really were as poor and desperate as they say they are then they would have gotten the hell out of that dump many moons ago.  Perhaps as a 16 year old I would have bought this stuff, but not now.  No way.

Anyway, it’s good to clear the air.  Onto the music – it’s good.  The band released their debut album ‘Champagne Holocaust‘ last year and whilst not all bangin’ tunes, it’s still pretty strong.  I really like the first two tracks – ‘Auto Neutron‘ and ‘Is It Raining In Your Mouth?‘, the production is weird, violent and mysterious.  It’s a bit like Deerhunter’s excellent 2013 album ‘Monomania’ - the songs are smeared in a kind of chaotic noise.

It looks like we’ll be hearing quite a bit more from this band, at least until they all get told to get proper jobs by daddy.  They’ve just released menacing new track ‘Touch The Leather‘, which you can hear below.

I like a band called Country Teasers and I think Fat White Family do too.  Check out one of my favourite songs ‘Spiderman In The Flesh‘ below.

Have a listen to the aforementioned ‘Champagne Holocaust‘ album here.

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