Listen To Dark Dark Dark – Tell Me

I spend most of my free time hunting down new and exciting tunes.  One of the best ways of discovering new music is by trawling through old interviews with musicians I admire in the hope that they might mention some of their favourite bands and songwriters.  A section entitled ‘what I’m listening to now‘ or ‘favourite albums of all time‘ can be a gateway into new and exciting worlds of music.  I’ve done this for years and have discovered a ton of great, great music thanks to the likes of Steve Malkmus, Mike Patton, Bradford Cox and countless others.  I’ve never been stuck for something to listen to and have spent hours loading my ipod up with new music before hitting the streets or fields for a good ol’ listen.

I also trawl blogs and twitter feeds in the hope of coming across new, exciting music.  I stumbled on a blog called The Wood And The Trees after seeing the blogger featured on the excellent obscure music twitter feed Neglected Nuggets.  I decided to try a few of the dude’s Top 25 Tracks from 2012 and came across this gem from Dark Dark Dark.  I’m not usually one for listening to this kind of music but there’s something about the piano that follows the vocal line and the way the distorted guitar burns underneath the song that is totally rad.  Give it a listen above!

Whilst on the subject, check out Deerhunter‘s blog for tons of music recommendations and Bradford Cox’s excellent Micromixes.  Sound Advice on The World’s Best Ever website is also a great place to find new tunes.

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